The internet exploded after last month's surprise vote by British voters to leave the EU, and The New Yorker, a favorite of one-worlder progressives, went nuts. On June 24, Benjamin Wallace-Wells titled his column "Brexit Makes the U.S. the Last, Best Hope for Liberalism", explaining: "in England, the dividing line seemed clear: there was London, and then there was everywhere else... outside of London and, perhaps, Birmingham and the university towns, support for liberalism appeared to have evaporated almost altogether". It was clear to Ben the yahoos were restless.

With the massive blender of globalism quickly homogenizing communities, cultures and currencies, the upsets in American presidential primaries mirrored that discontent. Ordinary Americans (as opposed to those extraordinary beings residing in financial hub cities and academic cocoons) are sick of it. Even Hillary, who crowed that the Trans Pacific Partnership was "the gold standard" of trade deals, has sniffed the wind and flip-flopped like a sandal in a clothes dryer. Her new position: "I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the agreement, but I'm worried." She hadn’t read it before? Surely her ‘worries’ will disappear November 9th.

Emanuel Celler of New York proposed The Immigration and Naturalization Act, Senator Philip Hart of Michigan co-sponsored it, and Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts promoted it. In October 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it, saying it’s “not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions….It will not reshape the structure of our daily lives”. That was 180 degrees off the truth.

 From 1965 to 1970, immigration to the U.S. more than quadrupled. By the ‘90's, Europeans in the US population- over 50% in the 1950's- dropped to just 16%, with Asian up to 31%. Between 1965 and 2000, the largest number of immigrants were Mexican (4.3 million). By 2012 not one of the top ten countries of origin was European.

In 1990 yet another Immigration Act was introduced by Ted Kennedy boosting legal immigration to 700,000, and favoring “underrepresented” countries to increase diversity. By Barack Obama’s election the US population stood at one-third minority. Under current law and trends the US will be majority nonwhite in 25 years’ time. Barack Obama has often said "America is not a Christian nation", or "no longer a Christian nation". He may be Wright.

He announced his candidacy for President in February 2007. A month later The Los Angeles Times, a Tribune paper, the largest metro daily in the US, carried an opinion piece headed: "Illegal? Better if you're Irish". Readers learned: "There are an estimated 50,000 Irish illegal immigrants in the U.S.; 30,000 of them are thought to live in New York City. Today, this tiny corner in the northern reaches of the Bronx is perhaps the most heavily Irish-born neighborhood in New York, and advocates believe that as many as 40% of local immigrants are undocumented." It was pointed out that some six million Mexicans made up over half the total of illegal immigrants in America.

The piece went on to mock the Irish immigration lobby for its boldness in printing tee shirts reading: "Legalize the Irish". Hillary had even held one up for a photo-op, and The Times felt she’d never be photographed with a tee saying "Legalize Mexicans".

  In the writer’s opinion: "Irish illegals do have a slight advantage. It's all in the stereotypes — race-based, language-based, class-based." He talked to Bronx contractor Dermot Byrne: "From my experience, we're not singled out. If someone's driving down the street and they see five Mexican guys on one side and five Irish guys on the other, they're going to think that the Mexicans are illegal, even though it could be the other way around."

The writer concluded: "Irish immigrant advocates... consciously leverage this positive prejudice to their advantage... But whites' more favorable view of illegal immigrants who look like them may not translate to the... Pakistani-born cab driver who... said he generally found Irish immigrants to be nice, as well as good tippers. 'But they won't rent you an apartment around here if you're not Irish... They don't want to mix with other races.' “Damn immigrants."

The Times portrayal of white Irish immigrants as privileged and biased, enjoying positive prejudice in the US, to the detriment of non-white, non-European immigrants is not only laughable, but a despicable accusation, considering that a single illegal Irish immigrant in this country is “balanced” by 240 or more illegals from other parts of the world.

The imbalance is so glaring that even progressive Irish Central editor Niall O’Dowd did a surprise flip-flop, awarding a reluctant kudo in a June 22 opinion piece: “There are times when you have to say Donald Trump has a point about immigration policy. The diversity visa lottery (DV) results were made public and Ireland will receive only 76 visas, total.”

Despite having more Medal of Honor winners, helping the Union stay together during the Civil War and inventing the Catholic health and school system, Ireland finishes way behind some interesting countries.

 Ask 99 percent of Americans and they would say Ireland certainly deserves to be considered for much higher numbers, not to mention all they have contributed to America. But such is the political correctness that Ireland are (sic) even comes in behind Mali, in Africa.”

O’Dowd ended his short piece with perhaps another offhand Trumpism, saying the 1965 act “ended immigration except in tiny numbers from the countries that helped make America great”. 76 for all of Ireland. That’s not new. In 2016 the total was 96. Check the numbers yourself here -…

Muslim-majority African countries won the jackpot: 44,564. Iran got 4501. Some parts of Europe were favored: Albania, Armenia and Azerbaijan together collected 3588. Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, totaled 1107. But Norway, Denmark and Sweden combined received just 178. Communist Cuba and Socialist Venezuela were the big winners in South America- 2526. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Panama and Peru combined were given only 129.

I call it global busing, but progressive Democrats always remind adoring audiences in reverent tones: “That’s what we’re about”.

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